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Track All Sales, Affiliate Sales, Referrer sales
Possibility to build a flexible cascade scheme of billings
Affiliates Can Direct Traffic to any pages on your site or another sites
Customizable new registration e-mail notification
New referral notification e-mail sent to referring affiliate
Affiliate ID: may be automatically generated numeric ID, or arbitrary, specified by reseller.*
Email notification module (admin and affiliate will get email notification once there is a new sale)

Automatic affiliate approval
Allow affiliates to modify their account information, payout method and etc (re-worked)
Link and banner code generation for affiliates in order to avoid mistakes (re-worked)
Allows both text/banner links
Affiliates have their own Sales Statistics Area
Detailed realtime traffic/sales statictic (show clicks and sales by site):
  - joint for "Today"
  - joint for "Yesterday"
  - joint for "Last month"
  - joint for "Previous month"
  and also:
  - extracts for specified paysite
  - extracts for 2 last days/last week/pay period/last month/lifetime
  - these statistic available by clicks values or by referrer URL's
  - Raw/Unique clicks' counting available in sales stats
  - only visits to second page may be counted as Unique
  - "per click" value in traffic/sales stats
Affiliates can see how much they are owed and how much they have been paid
Possibility to transfer affiliate ID to billings (to be paid by billings directly), or count a joint affiliate's income to be paid directly by the affiliate program
Personal Traffic and Referrals statistic of FHG and FHS
Personal comparative statistic of banners efficiency
Free hosted Galleries database and search-module
Exit traffic management
Password retrieving module
Logout function for affiliates' area
Administrative area is intuitive, and also may be customized in accordance to the client's wishes!
Adjust The Look & Feel Of The Software And HTML On Each Page
Records and displays statistics for all your sites, all affiliates
Banners management section
Database BackUp
Built-in Ticket system
Mailing list module
Geo-restriction function (blocks access to paysites for visitors from undesirable countries)
View the realtime top of 20 most active affiliates for last 24 hours (View Total "page view/clickthru" Ratio per each paysite, and "page view/clickthru" ratio per each affiliate)
View all sales for the last 24 hours
View all sales for the previous 24 hours
View payouts list for any specified period
View total unique clickthrus per affiliate
Set/edit different commission per products
Tracks sales through cookies and sessions as a backup
Attach a unique transaction number for each sale
Pay affiliates aame or different commissions
Generalized and detailed statistic of traffic and referrals on FHG/FHS
Generalized and detailed statistic of banners efficiency
* - given accentuation indicate additions of new version
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